Holidays are a time for making memories!

Personalized Santa Experiences For Your Family!

Everyone knows that a visit with Santa is a Magical Experience, and now, with the benefit of modern technology Santa can visit ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!


No Waiting in line


Extra time for important questions


personalized conversations


a recorded video to keep and share

It was without a doubt the best Santa experience. There is no wait nor chance of overcrowding. No need to waste precious energy entertaining children in a long line just for them to be cranky when it’s finally time to meet Santa. The Santa moment was the cherry on top! My 3 year old son was talking about Santa all day. He was able to gently and slowly talk to him. Santa won him over by singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was such a calm, personal, and fun experience that we could not have gotten from any other Santa experience in town. Santa made the magic real not only for our son, but for us as his parents. We hope to make this an annual holiday tradition!

Carlee M


It’s been a very stressful year for children. The last thing they need is the uncertainty of not knowing if Santa is still coming this year. Receiving a personalized message, or, participating in a live video chat, will reassure them that Santa is still coming!

Christmas this year may feel a little different. A lot has changed. How we will go Shopping, visiting friends, or even making family trips.

For many families visiting Santa is the special moment that makes this Season Memorable. And Families are questioning: how can we preserve the Santa Magic in a way that is still safe?


Virtual Santa USA is guaranteeing that Santa will not have to take the year off!

Knowing how much this family tradition means to so many we have brought this cherished holiday tradition to your home via the power of the Internet.

The Process Is Simple!

This is truly an opportunity to create a Christmas Memory that will only come once in a lifetime.

1. Choose Your Favorite Option

Select either the personalized video from Mrs Claus “The Sugar Cookie Package” or from Santa Claus, “The Reindeer Package” OR a LIVE virtual Santa experience “The North Pole Package”

2. Personalize Your Experience

At checkout you will be able to provide as much, or as little, “secret Information” as you prefer. By filling in a few key pieces of information it will be easy to personalize your experience in just a few minutes.

3. Receive Your Santa Invitation

Then, based on the date you wish to receive your personalized video or Live Interactive Online Santa Experience, your private link will be sent straight to your email. It’s just that easy!

Sugar Cookie Package

  • Mrs Claus reads a favorite holiday bedtime story recorded just for you.
  • Your Video is personalized with “secret information” provided by you.
  • You will be sent a password protected private link to download and share your video.
  • Approximate length of video is 10 min.

Reindeer Package

  • Personalized video message, for up to 4 individuals, direct from Santa at the North Pole.
  • Your Video is personalized with “secret information” provided by you.
  • Each child named in the video will be mailed an Official Nice List Certificate printed on genuine parchment paper and hand signed by Santa during the video. Click here to view sample certificate
  • Santa sharing all his inside information and Reading The Night Before Christmas
  • Approximate length of video is 10 min.
  • You will be sent a password protected private link to download and share your video.

North Pole Package

  • Live interactive online experience with Santa for up to 4 participants!
  • This live experience is personalized with “secret information” provided by you.
  • Each child who participates in this experience will be mailed an Official Nice List Certificate printed on genuine parchment paper and hand signed by Santa during the live experience.
  • Includes a photo in a keepsake presentation folder and autographed by Santa during the experience.
  • Following your experience you will receive a downloadable recording so that you can re-live the magic time and time again.
  • Photo and certificate(s) mailed via USPS with North Pole Postmark! Click here to view a sample
  • Approximate length of experience is 15 minutes.

The Reviews Are In!

Here’s what other families shared about their Virtual Santa USA experience…

Thank you for everything! I loved the video too. I can’t wait to do this again next year!!

Kimmie C

New York

Can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience I had! Santa was so great with my son! –

Rachel B.


Thank you so much! Honestly, we loved this concept ….gorgeous backdrop, great pricing, fun, easy, breezy and we have some really great memories so Thank You!!

Jenna K.


Santa James and Mrs Teresa are the absolute best at embodying the magic of the season! We have never had our now 7 year old interact with any other Santa and as far as she knows, this is THE real Santa.

Hiedi M


Packages & Pricing

Do you remember how exciting it is preparing to visit with Santa?

Your child’s face will light up in amazement when they receive a personalized video message from Santa Claus, or, join him online for a Live Chat.

All Your Questions Answered

What is is the newest up to date way to ensure that children will have a personalized and magical experience with Santa or Mrs Claus. All of our packages come with the ability to download and save the video.

What is the difference between each of the packages you offer?

At we offer 3 personalized packages to choose from – Sugar Cookie, Reindeer and North Pole. Every package will be personalized to your recipient.

The Sugar Cookie Package features Mrs Claus reading a cherished bedtime story.

The Reindeer Package features Santa talking to your and includes an official NICE LIST certificate printed on genuine parchment paper hand signed by Santa during the video.

The North Pole Package is a scheduled LIVE video chat with Santa and includes the official NICE LIST certificate and an autographed photo signed by Santa in a keepsake presentation folder.

How do I purchase separate packages for each child?

If you would like to purchase multiple packages, please order each one individually so Santa does not get confused!

How long is the experience in each package?

The running time for the Sugar Cookie Package with Mrs Claus is approximately 10 minutes.

The running time for the Reindeer Package with Santa is approximately 10 minutes.

The duration for the Live online interactive North Pole Package with Santa is approximately 15 minutes.

How are the prerecorded videos provided?

Videos for the Sugar Cookie Package and the Reindeer Package will be sent to you via a private download link. Once you have downloaded your video you can share it on Social Media or share it with friends and family.

How is the LIVE online chat for the North Pole Package scheduled?

At checkout you will be able to select the time for your LIVE online chat from a scheduling calendar.

What if I choose the North Pole Package and there isn’t a time available for the LIVE online chat that is convenient for me?

Simply email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to make special  accomodations for your schedule.

When can I look forward to receiving my video? will begin recording videos and/or offering the LIVE online interactive virtual experience beginning the week of Thanksgiving

Is this only for Children?

There is no age limit for videos! Because each video uses information provided by you it will be tailored to whomever you wish.

Is my Child’s personalized information safe?

 Yes! Your information is used internally for our site and NEVER shared or sold to other companies or sites. The safety of your information is our top priority.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and debit cards. We have a 100% secure, SSL encrypted payment page.

Do all videos feature the same Santa?

Yes. There really is only one Santa and only one Mrs Claus. Seriously. This is a very personal mission taken on by James and his wife. Each and every video is managed by them. This is NOT a faceless clearing house. It’s something that they believe in strongly and have created exclusively for you.

How come I have never heard of before?

This is new and would not have come together had not the confluence of events created in 2020 necessitated the need for Santa to be able to offer a safer alternative to traditional Santa visits.

Countdown to Christmas








My Santa Story

Meet Santa

My Name is James Songster. Since 1992, I have been performing and entertaining here in Central Florida for families and groups visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, and our world class resort destinations such as the Four Seasons Resort.
Like most of us, growing up I was a huge Santa fan. Honestly, what’s not to like? But, as a child, I never imagined that our lives would become so magically entwined.

My professional association with The Man In Red began at Universal Studios, Florida, where I was hand selected to “assist” Santa in the daily Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I will never forget the incredible love you could feel, and excitement you could see in the eyes, from every person he greeted.

From that first experience it has been my honor to be his “personal assistant.” I have helped him take photos with his fans, attend community tree lighting events, make television appearances, and visit thousands of families. I have also made it my personal mission to ensure that Santa lives up to the image and highest ideal that is expected of him. To that end I have enlisted the support of an incredible team of costumers and artisans.

  • I ensure that his jacket and suit are cut and sewn from pure magic (and real velvet!)
  • His belt and sleigh harness are genuine leather with actual sleigh bells (nothing else sounds like that!)
  • The buckle on his belt is hand cast in Bronze (It’s an amazing one of a kind gift from a metal smith in Ohio!)
  • And the laugh. The Laugh is special. The Santa I know does not go Ho-Ho-HO. His laugh is the deepest, warmest, most genuine laugh you will ever hear. And I promise You will Never Forget the Moment.

Because that’s what it’s about. It’s about the magic of the moment: Listening to a child’s wish list. Sharing a beloved story. Singing a treasured Christmas song. It’s about so much more than delivering presents. It’s about Creating a Magical Memory.

My name is James Songster, and as Santa’s personal assistant, this is my promise to you: a Santa message via Virtual Santa USA will be a Magical Memory that will be treasured for a lifetime

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